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Personalisierbare Wein Geschenkbox


Prämierter Rotwein von Uwe Schiefer


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 Flasche Rotwein (Blaufränkisch, Pinot Noir oder Merlot) von Uwe Schiefer

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Wiederverwendbare & hochwertige Geschenkverpackung

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Personalisierbare Wein Geschenkbox

Wine gift box "Vinum Prestige" by Uwe Schiefer including exclusive wine accessories

Discover the world of exquisite wines - with the "Vinum Prestige" wine box. This high-quality wine gift box offers you an exclusively selected bottle of a red lager wine from the renowned winemaker Uwe Schiefer.

The fine, award-winning red wine and the included wine accessories ensure that every wine tasting becomes a special experience.

Award-winning red wine selection directly from the Uwe Schiefers wine cellar

The "Vinum Prestige" wine gift box / wine box contains a special rarity that comes directly from Uwe Schiefer's wine cellar.

The selection of the type of red wine is arbitrary or rotating. However, each wine box is guaranteed to contain 1 bottle of a high-quality red lager wine (Blaufränkisch, Pinot Noir or Merlot) with a maturation period of at least 5 years.

Elegant wine accessories for perfect enjoyment

Every wine box or wine gift box includes practical wine accessories . That's why with our wine box you get an elegant corkscrew/bottle opener, a capsule cutter for easy capsule removal, an attachable pourer with cap for easier storage and cooling, and a drip ring that catches every drop. This wine accessory set is perfect for any wine tasting.

Awards that speak for themselves

Uwe Schiefer's wines have received numerous awards, including the Falstaff Reserve Trophy and points from renowned wine evaluators such as James Suckling and Wine Enthusiast. These recognitions underline the exceptional quality and uniqueness of the wines in the “Vinum Prestige” box.

Wine gift box "Vinum Prestige" - the ideal gift for every occasion

Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or as a token of appreciation - the "Vinum Prestige" wine box in elegant PU leather is the perfect gift for wine lovers and connoisseurs. This shows good taste and appreciation

Product details wine gift box :

  • Elegant wine box made of PU leather with exclusive wine accessories
  • 1 high-quality lager wine ( Blaufränkisch, Pinot Noir or Merlot) from Uwe Schiefer
  • At least 5 years of maturation
  • Perfect gift for any wine lover

Convince yourself of the “Vinum Prestige” wine gift box and enjoy wine at the highest level. This box contains enjoyment, passion and perfection in equal measure!

Awards Uwe Schiefer:

blaufränkisch ried reihburg 2018:
1st place falstaff reserve trophy: 100 points falstaff

blaufränkisch ried reihburg 2017:
99 points Falstaff

blaufränkisch ried reihburg “r2” 2015:
98 points james suckling, 97 points falstaff

blaufränkisch ried reihburg “r2” 2012:
2nd place Falstaff Reserve Trophy: 97 points, 97 points James Suckling

Blaufränkisch szapary “s” 2014:
96 points james suckling, 96 points wine enthusiast

blaufränkisch eisenberg dac reserve 2015:
95 points james suckling, 95 points falstaff

blaufränkisch ried königsberg “old vineyards” 2018:
95 points Falstaff

white slate “s” 2018:
95 points Falstaff

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